Julie Stroud is a Master Integrative Life Coach, corporate consultant and trainer, and President and Chief Operating Officer of The Ford Institute, a premiere transformational training company.

One of the nation’s foremost experts on the human shadow, she's spent the past 13 years supporting individuals and organizations to engage in emotional education, experience compassion, and embrace authenticity so they can discover new realities and extraordinary possibilities.

After experiencing The Shadow Process Workshop in 2005 and being trained as an Integrative Coach in 2005-2006, Julie joined the staff of The Ford Institute in 2006. She ascended from Administrative Assistant to Structure Queen to Executive Assistant to Chief Operating Officer and ultimately to President and Chief Operating Officer. She worked closely with Ford Institute founder, the late Debbie Ford, on the body of work that now serves as the foundation of The Ford Institute’s unique and revolutionary approach. She was a frequent guest on Debbie Ford’s Hay House Radio Show and she earned a Producer credit on The Shadow Effect documentary. She was hand-picked and personally trained by Debbie Ford to lead The Ford Institute and continue the legacy of this life-changing work.

Julie has a long history of turning people’s visions and dreams into reality. Her special talents of quickly synthesizing and distilling large amounts of information and translating ideas and creative inspiration into plans of action contributed significantly to my success in the nearly two decades she spent as a non-profit administrator, university administrator, and then project manager for a game company and a digital entertainment company. Her life transformed when she realized she could apply these same talents to her personal life. In the work of The Ford Institute, she discovered the tools and processes to access and activate new realities through her training as a Certified Integrative Coach at The Ford Institute and her training ignited a passion in her to equip other people with transformational tools they could use to create a life beyond their wildest dreams.  

Her primary areas of focus at The Ford Institute include program development and delivery, event production, product development, technology strategy, business processes, and project management. She places a high value on innovation, planning, organization, impeccability, productivity, and effectiveness.

A self-proclaimed nerd, Julie lives on the Internet and has an avid interest in online communities. She also identifies as a Fansen, an identical twin, a lover of musicals, a foodie, a wordsmith, a cat lover, a travel aficionado, and a pop culture enthusiast. She is based in Berkeley, California. 

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Are there people you are totally lit up by? Lin-Manuel Miranda? Ben Platt? Ellen Degeneres?  Who inspires you?  Who you are enthralled by? What if I told you that you are actually seeing your own light in them? The world is always reflecting back to you what you most need to embrace in this moment. 

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"Julie is a pillar for transformation. Honest yet compassionate, she will ask you questions that no one else will." ~  Sharon, Montreal

"Julie's professionalism, dedication and passion for this work shines through everything she does. She sets the bar high for me to follow. She lives and breathes this work and it’s inspiring. Her heart shines through all she does." ~ Mark, New York

"Julie is a very special soul. I admire her integrity, gentleness, sincerity, and humility. With a heart of gold, a hand of support, and a dedication that gets things done, she creates a tremendous amount of safety for growth." ~ Jennifer, Minnesota

"Julie is one of the most reliable, loving, and caring souls I have ever met in life. She is so present and supportive. I have so much love for this woman!" ~ Carol, California