susan silver

Certified Integrative Coach
United States

Susan Silver is a native New Yorker having spent most of her life in New Jersey. She now resides in Florida. Susan has a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Cincinnati and taught in the Cleveland public school system. She also has training as a nurse and has dealt with the long term effects of Lupus. Susan spent 15 years with Daytop Village working in their drug and alcohol rehabilitation program assisting parents who had children with drug and alcohol issues. Susan is the mother of two adopted children and for many years was a single mother. Susan found love later in her life and has remarried.

Integrative Coaching has transformed Susan and allowed her to come to acceptance with the difficulties of being a single mom, coping with a chronic illness and dealing with various addiction issues of her children. Susan’s courage and drive, reinforced by her coaching training, serves as a strong foundation for her coaching relationships.

Susan’s focus is dealing with mature women, mothers of adopted children and parents of children with substance abuse issues. Do you desire to have a fulfilled content life? Are you willing to embrace change? Regardless of the difficulties dealing with your personal issues or the issues of loved ones, Susan can guide you in the process of reaching your goals, dealing with those issues and achieving peace and happiness in your life.

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