Committed to achieving maximum results, our mission is to create a new social and emotional architecture in the workplace which inspires a positive and connected corporate culture and ignites an economy of possibilities! We employ an action-oriented, integrative approach to work with organizations and corporations dedicated to transforming challenges and busting through obstacles to achieve excellence in all aspects of their business. Using presentations, workshops, immersion programs, consulting relationships, and laser-coaching, we work with your team to customize a presentation, program, or plan.

Knowing that “the whole is only as strong as the sum of its parts,” we work with the premise that individuals are the building blocks of the organization and their relationships with themselves, each other, and the corporation’s mission and vision is the glue that bonds and strengthens it. For a business to flourish, all elements must be supported and maintained.

We work from the inside out staring with the individual.  Using core concepts such as vision, responsibility, integrity, impeccability, authenticity, action, and accountability, individuals are asked to look through new eyes not only at what they are doing but also at who they are being and the impact this has on those around them, the collective, and the workplace as a whole.

Experts in unconcealing the corporate shadow and lifting the corporate veil, our work unmasks the thoughts, beliefs, fears, actions, and sabotaging patterns that limit a corporation and impact the individuals, culture, clients, and bottom-line results. By stepping into new ways of being, functioning, and relating, your organization will experience unprecedented levels of positivity, productivity, and profitability!

All of our services, programs, and topics of focus revolve around creating new possibilities. Working at the executive, individual, and/or organizational level, we employ revolutionary principles, training, and transformational tools to shed light on the corporate shadows that are negatively impacting your business. With the ultimate goal of increasing profitability, our work radically reduces levels of employee dissatisfaction, reconstructs the corporate culture, energizes the environment, and educates and empowers every employee, manager, and executive, by providing them with:

  • Insights into their own behaviors, agendas, patterns, filters, and strengths
  • Techniques on how to shift, embrace, or take responsibility for what they are doing, who they are being, and how they contribute to the whole
  • Skills and practices that enhance on-the-job performance and personal interactions
  • A safe and appropriate outlet to express emotions, fears, and concerns so that they don’t end up being inappropriately expressed at home or used for punishment of self or others
  • Effective communication techniques that will enhance healthy relationships, foster collaboration, and cement feelings of connection, and community
  • A deeper level of awareness about default patterns, self-sabotaging behaviors, limiting beliefs, and outdated stories in order to mitigate leakages and breakdowns in relationships, processes and performance
  • A clear understanding about how choices and behaviors impact the corporation and how to align personal goals with business objectives and the corporate vision
  • Skills and practices that will facilitate a shifting of individual behaviors towards supporting a new corporate reality
  • Deeper levels of responsibility, integrity, authenticity, and honesty
  • A sense of self that allows them to look past their fears and realign with corporation’s mission
  • An understanding about how their work life impacts their home life and vice versa
  • Insights into how they are co-creating the health or dis-ease of their workplace
  • An expanded comprehension of their positive attributes, gifts, and abilities and how to bring those more fully into the workplace
  • Tools and a way of being that foster a high-performance culture where individuals take consistent action that leads to towards increasing morale, enhancing corporate growth and profitability

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Working at the executive, individual, and organizational level, our team offers a wide range of services:

Presentations, Workshops, and Retreats

Presentations, workshops, and retreats are effective and productive vehicles for introducing our work to your company.  In our events, we employ a variety of different techniques including lecture, sharing from the audience, laser-sharp coaching, interactive exercises, and guided visualizations.  Our presentations, workshops and retreats can be held as stand-alone events or in conjunction with any of our other services.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching encompasses one-on-one work with individuals to examine how they relate to, interact with, and impact the organization and others.

Immersion Process

Our immersion process supports and sustains change by working with the company and key individuals on a regular and in-depth basis for three months or more.

Consulting, Training and Development

Our consulting, training, and development provide skills and tools to develop and sustain expansion, productivity, communications, and strong relationships.

Process Management

Process management aligns the individual with the organization and creates structures to increase efficiency and optimize desired results.

Team Building

Team building activities connect individuals in an authentic and cohesive manner to align with each other and the company’s mission and to work together to create a positive corporate culture and high-performance organization.

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Evolutionary Leadership

Today’s environment demands and is attracting a new kind of leader: a team builder, a person that relates well and authentically to their employees, and a person who can share and align them with the direction and vision of the company.

This new type of leader and management needs a whole new arsenal of tools and skills to handle the pace and changing nature of the business environment.

We use innovative skills, tools, and principles to support management in transforming how they relate to those around them and perform their role. We focus on preparing the executive to:

  • Trust their inner voice.
  • Create safety and a positive, high performance corporate culture.
  • Look for the greatest good and stand as an example of integrity, authenticity, personal responsibility, action, and accountability.
  • Deal with their emotions and facilitate the emotional issues that come up as an everyday part of work.
  • Manage the spoken and unspoken agendas and expectations of all those around them while remaining on task.
  • Foster communication, build community, and establish healthy relationships within the community.

“I” vs. “We” - Strategic Alignment and Integration

In an atmosphere of fear, finger-pointing, gossip, bullying, and insecurity, "survival of the fittest" often becomes the credo of most employees. The mentality of "looking out for #1," "let me just do my job and go home," or “keeping my eyes open for other options,” for example, reflects the workplace’s transformation into an "I" as opposed to a "We" environment. Employees with the "I" mentality are disengaged and often undermine productivity and studies show that companies often fail to realize their goals and vision as the result of lack of engagement. Conversely, employees who are part of the "We" feel connected to the company, its mission, and their peers. They drive innovation, profitability, and move the company forward.

Experts at shifting individuals from the “I” to the “We,” our team remedies such misalignment by unveiling personal agendas and restoring integrity in the relationship between employees and their management and employees across departments. We teach skills that promote effective communication and increased participation. We guide the creation of sustainable integration so that personal agendas are replaced by a unified vision.

Transforming Your Corporate Story

We all have a story, a collection of beliefs about who we are, how the world operates, and what is possible. We create stories about who we are as parents, partners, as well as who we are in the workplace.  We create stories not only about ourselves but also about our co-workers, employers, and the company as a whole. Our stories are not necessarily bad or good, but they either empower or disempower us. They open us up to new possibilities or they shut us down.  The problem is not that we create stories but that we believe them to be true.  We allow them to become definitions of “what is” and ultimately these stories limit what is possible.  For change to occur, we need to unveil the individual stories as well as the corporate stories, the collective beliefs of the company. Masters at distinguishing stories, we work with your team to recognize and step out of the outdated stories of the past and into a paradigm of endless possibilities.

Exposing the Shadows at Work

“Transformation occurs when we can see what is so." - Debbie Ford

In a world and economy of change and instability, uncertainty, discomfort, and fear are bound to be the only constants.  This state of uncertainty causes people to act out. CEOs hold on tighter to control. Cultural cliques form. The rumor mill runs rampant and stories of cutbacks and changes cause widespread fear and backstabbing. Employees then take this emotional baggage home and dump it on their nearest family members. These are all examples of the “Shadow at Work.”  For transformation to occur, a company needs to address what is really going on.  Experts in the individual and collective shadow, we can support you in unconcealing the beliefs, patterns, agendas, actions, and conduct that are impacting your organization and provide you with a safe process that will lift the corporate veil and introduce a new way of being and relating into the workplace.

Change Management

We live in an age of change. Especially in the workplace, change and re-structuring do and need to happen in order for a business to remain competitive.  However, individuals instinctively resist change out of fear -- fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of the personal effect, fear of being judged.  Fear causes dis-ease and can cause an all-encompassing downward spiral. Organizations cannot change and evolve if the people who make it up are resisting change. For transformation to happen there must be a shift in perspective. Through coaching, consulting, and workshop facilitation, we expertly guide companies and individuals from resisting to embracing change.

Impeccable Integrity - The Straight Line to Success

Impeccable integrity is the foundation of a successful life and the straight line to success. All over the world we see the results and feel the effects of people selling out their personal integrity. Employees as well as clients and the general public have learned to question an organization’s business judgment and integrity. Historically, one of a corporation’s or an individual’s most valuable asset was their reputation.  Although this asset may have ben eroded, it can and must be rebuilt. Our team understands what is needed to foster both personal and corporate integrity.

Diversity Management & Inclusion

The diversity conversation as it exists today causes separation. Our programs reframe the diversity dialogue by focusing on the inner qualities that connect us instead of the outer characteristics that differentiate us. We bust through the limiting belief that it is gender, race, nationality, and age that defines us and keeps us safe. Through our programs, participants will realize that inclusion starts from within.

Conflict Resolution

It does not take much persuasion to show that conflict is everywhere. Most mediators and facilitators address conflict by focusing on the compromised settlement. Our programs recognize that the first step in conflict resolution is for the individual to acknowledge how and why they are contributing to the conflict. Only when this is achieved can peace be realized and sustained.

Inspired Communication

We all know that communication is key.  Most of us think that because we are speaking, we are communicating.  Learning effective and authentic communication is an art.  We specialize in techniques and tools that radically alter communication.  Focusing on topics such as listening filters, agendas, strategies, and the use of questions, we assist you in broadening the conversation of communication.

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Get Started!

So whether it is a 1- hour presentation, 4-hour workshop, one-on-one executive coaching, or a weekend team-building retreat, we utilize a goal oriented systematic approach to assess, structure, and implement a strategy to meet your company's needs and accomplish your desired results. Our method includes the following steps:

Dream it! Create the vision for your company, its employees, and/or the event.

Prepare it! An in-depth information gathering process to ascertain "what is really going on."

Plan it! Formulate a detailed plan based on where your company is and where it wants to go.

Live it! Together, we put the plan into action.

Celebrate it! As a community, we celebrate success and each individual's contribution and achievements.

Grow it! Implement an ongoing support structure to sustain the results and fuel future growth.

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