shari coltune

Master Integrative Coach
United States

For as long as Shari can remember she had a sick story. Growing up as the only girl in a family with two brothers, she found it difficult to express herself without being put down or pushed around. Ashamed for being intuitive and sensitive, Shari internalized her emotions and her body took a toll. Shari was shuffled from doctor to doctor for a variety of illness.

By the time she was in her twenties, her identity as “sick” was set. She suffered from a variety of illnesses including chronic fatigue and a serious autoimmune disease. The constant stress she internalized left her fearful and depressed. She worried about the impact her constant illnesses would have on her then young daughter – she knew she wanted better.

When Shari got married to an amazing man with two children of his own, she thought she found her answer and a new identity as mom and wife. But balancing a blended family proved to be challenging and again, the stress took a toll on Shari’s health. Not having any tools to release toxic emotions led Shari to become severely depressed with constant health ailments. Doctors again became Shari’s best friends. She became withdrawn, angry and resentful and, at times, Shari felt used, bullied, disrespected and unappreciated.

It was at her sickest moment, lying on the couch in pain that she finally discovered the healing work that saved her life, her health and her marriage. Shari found her voice through Shadow Work and gained a new perspective on why everything was a constant struggle. She gained awareness, clarity, emotional education and life skills that helped her take on a new role in the family; one of an empowered, healthy woman whose commitment was to family harmony and peace without losing herself in the process.

With her children now grown, Shari has entered the next phase of life with confidence. She now dedicates her life to coaching individuals who are living with autoimmune disease or going through transitions such as children leaving home or divorce. She guides them to discover how to release old toxic emotions and create new and healthy identities for a better life.

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