Our professional trainings vary depending on your personal, organizational, or corporate desires and needs.

Train to Transform The Lives of Others… Totally turned on and lit up by their personal transformation, many who experience our work feel compelled to share it. If you are someone who is passionate about serving others, delivering your gifts, and contributing to the world, then training to become a Certified Integrative Coach will aid you in realizing your purpose and potential. To learn more, explore the Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Training.

Train to Transform Your Professional Life…Brokers, doctors, lawyers, artists, therapists, CEOs, and professionals from all fields are realizing that the amount of success, balance, and fulfillment they experience is dependent on their relationships with others as well as with themselves. We teach “life skills” that deliver unparalleled levels of abundance, creativity and satisfaction in your professional life. To learn more, explore the Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Training.

Transform Your Organizational or Corporate Culture… Committed to achieving maximum results, inspiring a vital and connected corporate culture, and igniting an economy of possibilities,  we work with organizations and corporations dedicated to transforming challenges and busting through obstacles to achieve excellence in all aspects of their business. Using hour-long presentations, one-day or weekend workshops, immersion programs and consulting relationships, we work with your team to customize a program or plan. Our action-oriented, integrative approach places a particular emphasis on vision, responsibility, integrity, impeccability, authenticity, action and accountability.  By exposing the shadows at work and lifting the corporate veil, your organization will experience unprecedented levels of positivity, productivity and profitability! To learn more, explore our programs for Corporations & Organizations.



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