nancy pagan

Certified Integrative Coach
United States

Nancy Pagan is a personal and professional coach with more than a decade of experience. She was trained in coaching by the Newfield Network and has a Masters in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard, where she developed and delivered a curriculum to train holistic health coaches for the World Health and Healing Collaborative. Nancy’s experience enables her to work powerfully with her clients in the areas of integrative health, emotional healing and the development of human potential. Her company, Jump-Start Coaches provides a curriculum tailored to people who want to develop a coaching practice within their current career area. Nancy lives in Cambridge with her husband, two teenage children and dog.

Nancy grew up with family addiction and conflict and squandered a lot of time and energy resisting her shame and pain. Thanks to the work of Debbie Ford, she has healed her shame, resolved her relationship with her deceased parents and made the evolutionary leap from self-doubt to self-love. Embracing the gifts created by her personal trauma helps Nancy to guide others to make their own leaps into self-love, fulfillment and happiness.

The safe environment that Nancy creates for her coaching clients enables them to tap their courage, find the gifts in their shadow and create vibrant new relationships with self, others and the Divine. Her clients are then more able to forge strong personal and business relationships, hone their creative and artistic talents, and take inspired and effective action towards fulfilling their dreams.

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