MINDY SChrager

Certified Integrative Coach
United States

Mindy has over 20 years experience managing cross-disciplinary programs, processes, and communities. She has a Bachelors in French, a Masters in Business Administration and a Coaching Certificate from The Ford Institute. Her career interests in diversity, transformation, and collaboration, grew out of my desire to make life better and have people get along. Her interest in wellness grew during 18 years experiencing and studying modalities to improve her own emotional, physical, and relationship wellness.

After years of personal growth work, Mindy still found herself feeling as though she had a split; a part of herself that she could not accept. Through the programs at The Ford Institute, Mindy not only has healed the split, but has radically changed her relationships, clarified her life’s vision, and opened herself up to faith in the divine. Mindy was able to let go of the past and see the gift in a childhood of being bullied and an outcast.

Mindy’s keen interest is to bring wellness into peoples’ lives by helping them to heal their relationships, their thoughts, and their physical wellbeing. Toxic energy in any of these areas can lead you to bully and sabotage yourself and prevent you from creating the life you have dreamed of, from being whole. It is when you love, accept, and appreciate yourself that you can create the life you want and Mindy’s desire is to support you in achieving the life of your dreams.

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