Master Integrative Coach
United States

Mary Jane Aboud comes to coaching from a background of small business ownership and community drug and alcohol prevention work on a major federal university-based grant. With a master’s degree in counseling psychology, she has always been committed to her own highest expression and is passionate about supporting others in that quest. The breadth of her background enhances her ability to relate to a broad range of clients with authenticity and genuine understanding.

Having experienced the divorce of her own parents and the ending of her first marriage, Mary Jane knows first-hand the healing that is possible through integrative coaching. She enjoys a rewarding and ever-growing marriage and business partnership with her husband of sixteen years, renewed and vibrant relationships with her siblings, and joyful relationships with her adult son, her former husband and his wife and family. Through facing and embracing her own shadows, she continues her ever-expanding journey of self-discovery that has led her back to her early dreams of being a poet and writer.

With compassion and unwavering belief in the human potential, Mary Jane guides her clients to their own deepest truth so that they may experience their own version of joy and make their much-needed contribution to the world. She especially loves working with creative people who want to bring their gifts to the world in a bigger way.

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