Martina caviezel

Master Integrative Coach
United States

Martina Caviezel was born in Argentina to Swiss parents and was raised there for her first 10 years. She and her family then moved back to Switzerland where she lived and studied until her late twenties - and where she met and married her wonderful husband. Shortly thereafter, a job transfer brought them to the New York area, where they now reside with their four beautiful children. The many different places her life’s experiences have brought her to live and the challenges that ensued as a result, led her to start the work of self-healing. As her own healing progressed she was drawn to getting trained in different healing modalities so that she could support others in their self-healing journey. In addition to being certified as an Integrative Coach, she is also a certified Hypnotist, a Reiki Master, and an IET Master. She is fluent in English, Spanish, German, Swiss German and French (and yes, is a fan of fine Swiss chocolate).

Through the work of Debbie Ford, Martina developed her spiritual sense and got a lot of access to her playful side. She also was able to re-attain her “pre-children” weight by uncovering and healing her self-sabotaging actions and behaviors. She started to investigate how she is raising her children and the discrepancy to how she would like to raise them and created a new relationship to her children through that process. She found out that she was always rushing her children, because she was never ready herself. Uncovering this created the space for her to be ready and for her children to be ready when it was time to leave without being prompted.

Martina Caviezel is very passionate about life and about supporting people in living the life they love and are proud of. As part of her coaching, Martina will invite you to explore your life – and all the things that you do - as an adventure, and help you to be exited about life and about yourself. She always feels privileged to share in her clients’ transformations and feels great honor and deep respect for the courage it takes to be willing to look at one’s life and to do the work it takes to change and grow.

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