Lulu mahaini

Master Integrative Coach
United Arab Emirates

Lulu Brix Mahaini was born in Denmark but now lives with her husband and two daughters in Dubai, where through the work of Integrative Coaching she has been able to create her own coaching business and hosts her own inspirational discussion group called "Inspiration Lounge" with meetings in Dubai and Copenhagen. Lulu graduated from University of Queensland, Australia with a PhD in Pharmacy. She went on to have a successful academic career as a Research Scientist and Pharmacology teacher. During her time in these roles she was inspired to work, not only with traditional medicine, but also with emotional healing and the concepts of regaining power and strength through coaching. On a personal level Lulu has in particular focused on learning how to deal with anger and frustration and now feels a much deeper and loving connection to her husband and two daughters.

Lulu coaches people who are in a personal transition due to relocation, change of career or becoming a parent. She also has a deep passion to coach clients who want to feel better emotionally (eg. becoming more happy, powerful, less angry, frustrated or inhibited). Lulu has lived with relatives addicted to alcohol and wishes to support others with this painful experience. She believes that "we all have the ability to be and do all that we desire", sometimes we just need to find out how to, and get some support for the process. Lulu is truly passionate about inspiring people to rediscover and achieve their hidden or forgotten dreams.

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