Loree oberle-edwards

Master Integrative Coach
United States

Since 1998, Loree Oberle-Edwards has worked directly with Debbie Ford, assisting in workshops, and serving as the Wellness Manager for the Shadow Process since 2004. With extensive experience in facilitating spiritual growth and the release of emotional/physical toxins, Loree supports a safe and compassionate environment for participants in this deep transformational process. A Registered Dental Hygienist, Loree has specialized for over 30 years in the care of patients with chronic medical conditions. Her experience enables her to effectively coach and support people with physical and emotional challenges, encouraging them to create profound shifts while making peace with their lives and circumstances. Loree is a licensed Minister with a Doctorate of Divinity as well as a certified practitioner and educator in Healing Touch and of the Chopra Center for Well Being. She uses her awareness of the subtle energies of the body to guide clients into deeper levels of inner communication and consciousness. She is currently Chief Administrative Officer for The Collective Heart, a 501c3 charitable corporation, founded by Debbie Ford and Integrative Coaches.

Through the work of Debbie Ford and Integrative Coaching, she experiences more balance, confidence and loving her husband, Cliff Edwards, more than ever before (married 9/1991). Knowing the key is self-love, she compassionately supports others as they find more love and wholeness for themselves.

With experience guiding people through major traumas and transitions, Loree knows “there can be gifts and opportunities in every challenge”. Loree believes, “The gold is truly in the dark… People are like an intricate tapestry, often unconscious to their own beauty. Each knot and frayed thread is an important part of their make-up. As they reveal more parts of themselves (despite how messy it appears!), they are able to turn themselves around and see their (Whole) life as the exquisite masterpiece it is.”

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