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DEEPLY COMPASSIONATE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE! If you’re going through a breakup, contemplating one, or just want to make sure you’ve done everything in your power to save your marriage before moving on, Leila Reyes can help you heal your heart and regain your power so you can move on with confidence in your ability to create a better life for yourself – and to be HAPPY! After all, you deserve it!

Whether you’re starting the process of divorce or several years into it, you may feel afraid. It’s common to have fears of being alone, of making the wrong choice, or feeling terrified of financial ruin, or concerned and guilt-ridden about how your children will fare through this transition. You are not alone! Leila hears these fears all the time and as she guides you through Spiritual Divorce, she will support you in stepping into a faith that will carry you through to the other side.

You will have major insights and openings, most likely in your first session with Leila. If you need someone to be deeply loving and nurturing while at the same time being highly effective in providing the necessary feedback and accountability so you can make lasting change, then you’re going to be very, very happy!

Together, you and Leila will create a safe place for you to transform your self-judgment, shame, and guilt into self-love and acceptance.

You will:
- Learn the 7 spiritual laws Debbie writes about in her world-acclaimed Spiritual Divorce process either in a 1:1 coaching process or a group study of Spiritual Divorce.
- Step onto a pathway leading to your happiness
- Have more control over your difficult emotions
- Cultivate self-love and compassion.

COMPLIMENTARY SAMPLE SESSION. Leila works with a wide range of clients including therapists and their clients, women executives and entrepreneurs, family law attorneys, and high profile coaches and mentors. You can choose to go really deep in a 1:1 private coaching in Spiritual Divorce or the Best Year coaching models or you can join Leila’s low cost online book studies of Spiritual Divorce. Leila’s private coaching empowers you to reclaim yourself after divorce. She is truly 100% committed to helping you heal your heart, regain your power, and create a vibrant and fulfilling life after divorce.

Leila’s expertise is in helping improve the quality of ALL your relationships so you can experience more happiness, meaning, and success in your life. In matters involving shame and guilt, Leila brings unconditional love and non-judgment that will give you a unique experience of self-acceptance.

Leila is a natural at holding space for your transformation. Through compassion and empathy, her clients experience their wholeness compelling them to open their hearts and deliver their gifts. You can too!


“My life is changing every moment and has reached a momentum that is exceeding my every expectation. The need for a life that will fill me up has overridden the old feeling of needing work only to help me survive and for how much money can I make. The true joy of this process is that I have changed at the core level. Today the insights and “ahas” are so frequent there is really no time to process them as they come and integrate instantly. My gratitude for my own life is now sometimes overwhelming.” –Terri M.

My life has completely shifted! Where there once was pain, frustration, loneliness, and guilt, there is now peace, love, acceptance, and sheer joy. For the first time in four years my children and I are laughing again. My relationships with my mom, sisters, friends, co-workers, and yes new husband have taken on a new deeper, richer meaning. Thank you Leila for helping me to create a better life! There’s room to be happy now. I’m not just surviving anymore, I’m living! And when the hurts come, I’ll be stronger and greater for them. My life now has a meaningful purpose. --Wendy M.

IMPECCABLY TRAINED! Leila is one of the few coaches honored with the privilege of being personally trained by Debbie Ford. She is a Certified Master Integrative coach specializing in Healing Your Heart Coaching, Spiritual Divorce and the Best Year of Your Life programs. Leila completed her leadership training led by Debbie Ford, and has served a mentor coach and assisted Debbie at her Shadow Process multiple times.

Leila received both her BA in psychology and her Ford Institute coaching certification at JFK University and has been coaching since 2006. She holds a current ACC coaching certification with the International Coach Federation and facilitates a restorative justice program sponsored by the Insight Prison Project.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. Leila has a scholarship program and provide one pro-bono coaching relationship per quarter. You can contribute or take advantage of assistance by requesting an application prior to your initial meeting.

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