kim giglio

Certified Integrative Coach
United States

Kim Giglio believes one of the biggest challenges in life is to find meaning in what we do and who we are. This belief is what ultimately led her to the work of Debbie Ford and integrative coaching. The catalyst for Kim’s transformation was the realization that she was looking outside herself to feel better and for someone else to fix her. A graduate degree from Drexel University with a concentration in Psychology has further aided her own self-healing and quest for answers.

From her own experience Kim found the purpose of coaching was emotional freedom. The coaching process propelled her forward and opened the door to a whole new reality and perspective on life. Kim is a child of divorce and it wasn’t until she immersed herself in the coaching process that she uncovered the traumatic effect that this event had on every area of her life. As a result of taking responsibility for her past and all the choices that she had made, her life has transformed in ways she did not think were possible. Kim is 50 pounds lighter, creating a career that she loves and has shifted every relationship in her life by shifting the relationship with herself. She has learned what it means to love, honor and respect oneself. Kim is making higher level choices from a healthier place within and is now able to tune into her emotions rather than feed them. She continues to become unrecognizable to herself and those around her.

Kim creates the safety needed for the client to explore their internal world. She gently guides her clients to see how they have co-created their current reality. Kim has been a powerful force in creating new possibilities; not only in her own life but for those she helps on a daily basis. “What would be possible if you truly knew who you where and what you desired?” “How would your life be different?” The choice is yours.

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