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Kelley has an extremely impressive resume that boasts both personal and professional achievements. She is an Ivy League graduate, attorney, family law mediator, founded her own business and was featured in InStyle, People and Oprah Magazine as a visionary who “Thinks Big and Dreams Big.” She is a Master Integrative Coach, a staff member of The Ford Institute and a teacher and leader of this work. She is also certified by the International Coach Federation.

However as Kelley is quick to point out, “My life looked better on paper…I had all of the things that were ‘supposed to make me happy,’ yet I felt stuck. I was dealing with the same ten to twenty pounds, the same marriage that wasn’t working, the same voices in her head telling her what she should or should not be doing and that constant feeling of wanting and knowing that ‘there had to be something more!’ Despite all of the so-called ‘successes,’ my moments of fulfillment and happiness always felt fleeting.” Kelley’s seeking brought her to this work and her personal transformation truly is a success story. She let go of her marriage, dealt with a difficult divorce and worked through all of the changes in her life as well as all of the emotions: the heartbreak, betrayal, fear, anger and pain that accompany divorce. She lost weight, transformed her body and shifted her relationship with food. She created a new home, a new career, and went from financial fear to freedom by stepping into a new level of responsibility. Most importantly she grew as a mother and role model for her three teenage daughters and has made peace with the parts of herself that she used to judge and make wrong. In short, she became the woman she aspired to be!

Known as “a coach’s coach” or “a kick ass coach”, the reason that Kelley is such a successful coach is because she is passionate about her clients achieving the same internal and external results that she has. Truly gifted in supporting people to realize their self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting patterns, she is committed to helping people to get off the gerbil wheel they’ve been stuck on and to show up differently in their lives so they can create the “something more” they’ve been wanting. Her client’s achieve dramatic results. They let go of: the relationships that no longer serve them, the pain of a broken heart, the 10 – 20 pounds that erode their self-confidence, or the unsatisfying career that leaves them feeling flat. They begin to: speak and live in their truth, stop playing it safe and go after what they want, transform and improve their current relationships, and claim the lives they’ve always known they are “supposed to be living!” Kelley is dedicated to doing this work is because she wants to give people what she got – Liberation!

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