kathy hertz

Certified Integrative Coach
United States

Kathy Hertz specializes in working with those who are ready to move beyond feeling stuck and into lives in which they are not just talking about doing what they dream of “some day” but rather creating what they want today.  Kathy’s clients describe her as “intuitive”, “insightful”, “supportive”, “patient”, “compassionate”, and “safe” “flowing gracefully from the heart” and “possessing a gentle strength”.  She is known for the safety she creates for her clients.

Kathy has experienced and witnessed the enormous impact that unchecked negative internal voices and beliefs can have on lives.  They create low self esteem, depression, loneliness, anger, relationship difficulties, and self-sabotage.   Kathy says “I love watching my clients become the people they were always meant to be.  Taking them through the process of recognizing and getting clear on their dreams and then turning them into reality, as well as teaching them how to truly trust, love, accept and forgive, both themselves and others, fills me with joy and gratitude”.

When Kathy began her personal work with The Ford Institute she felt a sense of powerlessness, she instinctively knew there was more for her, but couldn’t seem to get there.  Today, Kathy has found her authentic self and the self trust to live from that place in every area of her life.  She is thrilled to say that she is experiencing more joy and fulfillment than ever before and wants to support others in creating the same for themselves. Kathy is passionate in her belief that each person has a passion and purpose and that it is through finding and living this purpose that happiness and true well-being emerge.

When she is not coaching, Kathy is an activist and volunteer. She comes to Integrative Coaching from a background in politics, government and the entertainment industry.  She credits Integrative Coaching with giving her the self confidence to travel to Greece to help Syrian refugees arriving there.  Kathy was recently awarded The Points of Light Foundation’s prestigious Point of Light Award for her work with refugees.  She believes we can all shine brightly and make a difference in the world.


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