karen lanser

Certified Integrative Coach

Karen Lanser is the founder of Miracles! Your Center for Well-Being Inc., and provides individual coaching intended to help others embrace their dark/light shadows, make peace with their pasts and find the gifts in the people, circumstances and/or situations they might be blaming for their unhappiness. Karen was an only child who grew up on welfare in a home that had been broken by her father’s alcoholism and her mother’s prescription drug abuse, mental health issues, and physical disability. She ended up in foster care a few times and, through it all, clung to her childhood dream of getting her PhD in Psychology. That dream was derailed for over 20 years while she struggled to be the ‘perfect’ wife, mother, daughter, friend, volunteer and employee. She looked like she “had it all” from the outside, but she always felt empty on the inside.

Although she owned an impressive library of self help books, it was only after she attended The Shadow Process that her life really turned around! Within the space of that profound support, she learned how to honor her own feelings and listen to her own heart. Amazingly, the more Karen focused on healing herself, the more her daughters, marriage and health began to thrive! The work founded by Debbie Ford provided the tools Karen needed to successfully bridge the gap between who she was and who she always wanted to be! She has resurrected her educational dreams and fervently believes that the joys in our lives are not determined by having the ‘right’ circumstances, but rather by having the ‘right’ perspective from which to interpret our circumstances.

As a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser, Karen has found that her experiences of being the devoted wife and self-sacrificing mother have fostered an exceptional appreciation for other women who feel they are being “selfish” if they don’t put everyone else first. She also brings a powerful, compassionate and an encouraging perspective to conversations related to primary relationship issues, mid-life concerns, social justice and spiritual well-being. Ultimately, Karen is relentlessly committed to inspiring and supporting others in savoring and enjoying the moments of life’s journey rather than merely enduring them!

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