joyce boudreau

Certified Integrative Coach

Are you asking yourself, "It is time to make changes in my life but how do I begin?"

Integrative Coaching is a transformational journey that is about letting go of our old stories, stepping out of the past and into a life we can be passionate about!

  • Have you come to this time in your life where you want less stress, less drama, more joy, fun and creativity but don't know how to take the first step?
  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed with life? Do you need to learn to set better boundaries with family, friends and co-workers?
  • Are you in transition, (recently retired, left a career or relationship) and need to make changes but feel confused how to move forward?
  • Maybe you have had a dream for years but allowed fear to keep you from pursuing it and now you don't want to waste another year.
  • Are you always putting everyone else first? Do you feel guilty when you say no to others? Are you ready for change?
  • Do you want to set better boundaries without guilt? Or maybe you need healing or closure in some of your relationships?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then Integrative Life Coaching may be for you!

Joyce’s speciality is working with mature women who are at a stage in life where they know deep inside that now is the time for change. Women who are prepared to be honest with themselves; to discover and heal the self-destructive patterns that have held them back for years. Women who are willing to be self-reflective and self-motivated to step into a life of passion and re-discovery. Women who are willing to finally make time to invest in themselves, and want to be excited about their second act of life. Women who know the best is yet to come!

Listen to what clients are saying
"How I traded in daydreaming for living my dreams!" Betsy
"I now know what it means to feel comfortable in one's own skin!"
"I now understand "me" and I am more than enough!" Pam

On a scale of 1-10 how committed are you to making changes in your life?

If you ready for change and your commitment is high, email for more information and let your journey begin!


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