jenny gardy

Certified Integrative Coach
South Africa

Jenny Gardy is a medical doctor and Integrative Coach whose specialty can best be described as “Lessons from the School of Life” and she believes that the ultimate journey is about learning to manage our “humanness” in a way that is empowering to ourselves and others.

Over the last 25 years she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, both learned and experiential, about our humanity, relationships, parenting, education, health, wellness, toxicity and illness. She has learned about many varied healing modalities and is dedicated to an integrated whole-person approach that deals with issues on multiple levels.

Through her own journey of healing after her mother left when she was 13, the ending of her relationship of 34 years (the themes of abandonment and betrayal repeated) and the physical journey back to wellness following severe heavy metal poisoning, she has learned first-hand about how to embrace life on all levels and move towards living a life of passion, wellbeing and vitality. Debbie’s work, more than anything else she has done, has radically changed the way she shows up in the world. This work has also helped her to step out of the smallness of who she was and move forward towards who she can become to lead her fullest and best life with passion and courage.

Jenny currently lives in South Africa, after having spent 17 years in London UK, and believes that South Africa is an inspirational country that can help to teach it’s people and the rest of the world about healing, transformation, empowerment, respect, forgiveness, self-responsibility and tolerance for ourselves and others. She is an Integrative Leader and Master Integrative Coach trained in Spiritual Divorce, Blueprint, Courage and Future -focused models, and acts as a facilitator to many diverse groups, to help others to transform and heal their lives. She is fiercely dedicated to her own continued growth and self-development and has two daughters who continue to be amongst her greatest teachers.


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