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Master Integrative Coach

Heather Passant is the owner of Heather Passant Enterprises, a successful coaching and consulting business in the beautiful Kiewa Valley, north-east Victoria, Australia. Heather is known for “always looking deeper to find the hidden treasure” within each of her clients and works with people who are “Life Changers” both for themselves and others.

Prior to beginning her Shadow Journey, Heather was going through what she calls her “spiritual crisis of meaning” after experiencing a miscarriage and then witnessing her friend die in a helicopter crash two days later, she unknowingly slide into a place of depression. Her 20 years experience in massage and energetic healing modalities did not help with constant feelings of anger, frustration, a deep sadness and loneliness. Finding Debbie Ford and beginning her deep inner work was the missing piece of the puzzle and Heather committed doing whatever it took to healing her heart at the deepest level. Through the coaching work Heather realized the gift of those traumatic events was so she could take others to those dark places of powerlessness and know the extraordinary possibility available when you come out the other side experiencing more love, joy and harmony.

Heather specializes in working with women who are Entrepreneurs, Business Executives and Life Changers who are ready to find those invisible threads or shadows that show up as their Life Lesson and use it as a catalyst to begin the deep inner work of healing their hearts. From that place of power they are then free to create the financially, abundant and successful businesses of their dreams, enjoy successful relationships and bring their unique gifts to help touch and heal the world.

"Heather has a brilliant talent for assisting people to look at and deal with what is stopping them from going forward in their lives. Not only that, she has an amazing ability to uncover hidden possibilities that you never even dreamed of. Let Heather assist you to be the best you can be and even more than you could ever imagine. She is 100% professional, non-judgmental and one of those really genuine caring people that has both the life experience and the skills to help you help yourself to become all you want to be. I could not recommend Heather highly enough if you have the desire to succeed Heather can help you do it."
-Linda McMahon - Writer, Speaker, Consultant

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