fran fusco

Master Integrative Coach
United States

From a young age Fran Fusco was a passionate seeker, consumed with finding answers to the questions: who am I and why am I here? That longing for true self and purpose led her to explore many paths: studying literature at Brown University, graduate studies in psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and Columbia University, and varied career fields, including communications and social services. In the midst of this search, she returned from a trip to India with an undiagnosable illness that changed the course of her life. Forced to let go of self-illusions and expectations, she learned to listen in the moment for guidance and meaning.

Through this challenging healing process, she developed a true sense of self, but she still longed for an authentic purpose. Discovering Debbie Ford’s work, she recognized that these principles, tools, and skills were the crucial missing piece, the bridge between the experience and knowledge she had gained and true fulfillment. After years of trying to ‘figure it out,’ it was this work that helped her to reveal and shift the remaining blocks to greater freedom and self-expression.

Fran’s understanding and trust in the transformational process, and her abilities to listen deeply, spot disempowering beliefs and patterns, offer honest feedback, and communicate with clarity and humor allows her clients to feel safe and supported so they can let go of their fear, drop below the level of their busy minds, and access a deeper intelligence to find their own passion and purpose.

Fran is a Master Integrative Coach and committed to sharing the work that has transformed her life so that others can break free from their limitations to create and live a life they love.

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