diane altomare

Master Integrative Coach
United States

Diane Altomare is a speaker, author and Master Certified Coach. For over 15 years, she has been powerfully guiding clients to create a life full of passion, abundance, self-empowerment and self-fulfillment. She has the amazing experience every day of helping people create what they desire in their lives. Most of her clients know what they want to create and often times need more clarity, focus and accountability to help them achieve their goals.

Together, you and Diane will get clarity on your vision and then most importantly, work through and remove whatever obstacles or challenges are in the way of creating that vision. In addition to creating and fulfilling a vision, oftentimes people are stuck in some area of their lives and continue to create the same thing over and over again or just simply, can’t figure out how to make the changes they desire.

Through an amazing coaching process developed by Debbie Ford, Diane guides her clients to make peace with themselves, make peace with their past, create more freedom and success in their lives and ultimately create what they desire. She has an extensive background in the music industry and as an entrepreneur, both of which give her a powerful foundation to guide her clients to explore and attain lasting purpose, success and fulfillment in their lives and careers.

Diane looks forward to sharing with you all the amazing tools and wisdom that coaching will bring to your life! Feel free to connect with her via phone or email to set up your complimentary sample session.

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