Connie viveros

Master Integrative Coach
United States

As a personal coach, relationship coach and life coach Connie specializes in helping people uncover past self-sabotaging patterns of behaviors in order to successfully achieve the shifts and transformation people are seeking in their lives. Connie's coaching passion is fueled by her desire to help people find more meaning in their lives and overcome the unexplained emotional pain limiting them from life's true joy. Connie is professionally trained to deliver the tools and distinctions of the Integrated Coaching modules so that her clients can achieve dramatic life changes allowing them to experience more joy, happiness and peace of mind beyond what they ever thought possible.

Connie understands the power of this work because she has lived it. Her personal experience with Debbie Ford and Integrative Coaching changed her life and the way she views herself in the world. Through the study and practice of The Integrated Coaching modules, Connie learned firsthand the most profound human desire is to love, and be loved. She now looks to share the power of this transformative shadow work so that her clients can experience major breakthroughs and thrive in their own unique ways.

Connie is a member of The Coach Success Network of The Ford Institute of Transformational Training, and works closely with the The Ford Institute as a mentor to coaches in training, and regularly assists Debbie Ford during her renowned Shadow Process weekend intensive workshops. Prior to coaching, she spent many successful years as a corporate professional while devoting decades to her own spiritual growth and personal exploration. Through training and certification with the Ford Institute, Connie has discovered the embodiment of what she has sought for so long: true self love!

If you are willing to create your greatest life, profound relationships, and follow your dreams then she would love to coach you to success.

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