cliff edwards

Specialized Integrative Coach
United States

Cliff Edwards specializes in producing fast and lasting results for executives, leaders, trainers, consultants and other professionals.  With a highly attuned ability to determine the challenges or issues faced by a client, he has a gift for incisive coaching and feedback that enables clients to quickly overcome obstacles and achieve great results, new levels of clarity, heightened productivity and more success in both their work and personal lives.  He is an expert in empowering clients to communicate with clarity and confidence and improve relationships of all kinds through using more direct and effective styles of interaction.  Using a candid ,light-hearted approach, he provides a challenging yet safe environment for clients to access the information and guideance they need. Committed to results, he holds clients accountable in a firm, yet non-judgmental way as they follow through with their action plans and integrate their new insights.  Cliff has the certainty, clarity and experience to fearlessly take clients into the very heart of their most profound challenges and guide them to turn perceived limitations into assets while achieving breakthrough results consistently. 

Often portrayed by Debbie Ford as “the reason the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching exists”, Cliff is a living example of what’s possible through committed use of the ideas and concepts of Integrative Coaching. Since meeting Debbie in 1996, he has been deeply involved with shadow work and the continuing process of evolution and transformation. Inspired and empowered by the changes in his own life, Cliff trained as a personal coach and built a successful coaching business combining Debbie’s transformative ideas and processes with the support structures of personal coaching. In doing so he began to envision the possibility of training others and in 2000, helped to found the Institute. As a staff member and Director of Programs until 2011, Cliff has been one of the primary architects and developers of the powerful and life-changing coaching methodologies, training structures and emotional education programs offered by the Institute.

Prior to coaching professionally, Cliff spent countless hours guiding and assisting people through life issues as a group facilitator, licensed minister, and spiritual counselor. Having also worked as a social services professional, in retail management and as owner of a legal support services business consulting to major corporations, Cliff brings a wide variety of life experience and knowledge to every interaction. Now as a professional coach and trainer for over 12 years, he ispassionate about supporting others to become boldly self-expressed, fearless in taking action and to attain the success and happiness they desire.

Cliff is a member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF) and has served on the local boards of both the ICF and the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife Loree and their two cats. He has achieved the rank of 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do Karate. When he isn’t engaged in coaching or teaching, he can often be found walking, biking or enjoying sunsets, food and laughter with family and friends.

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