Halloween is in a few days and many of us are searching for that perfect costume. I am always fascinated to see the trends in Halloween costumes. I view them as a commentary on what is relevant in today's society. This year, there is no question we are going to see our fair share of Trumps and Clintons (or the Saturday Night Live version of them) out trick-or-treating. From Star Wars to Pokemon to the cast of the TV show "Empire," what's "hot" in pop culture will most likely be represented as well as the classic stand-bys like the naughty nurse, Rocky Balboa, or the Addams Family. However year after year, as I do my unofficial survey of "what's trending now," what always stands out is the number and wide array of superheroes that are out protecting the streets on Halloween night!

So what is it about superheroes that make them so popular? Their superpowers, of course...And the desire we all have to possess them, even if it only is for one night!

From the magical sorcerer to the muscle-bound mutants, we shine our light on superheroes, thinking that they have something that we mere mortals do not! However if you stop to think about it, although some superheroes have powers that exceed the abilities of most humans, the fact is many do not. Think of Batman and all of the heroes, villains, and vixens from Gotham City. None of them possess abilities beyond those of you and I. Yet we consider them superheroes! We want to be suave, charismatic, and logical like Bruce Wayne (Batman); smart, sexy and intuitive like Batgirl or Poison Ivy; or clever like the Riddler. Even though we all might want to fly like Superman or be able to make magic like Harry Potter, when it comes to these superheroes with superhuman abilities, it is not only their magical powers but also their human qualities that we truly covet. We want to be healers like the Wolverine, super-strong and disciplined like the Hulk, psychic like the team from X-Men, or all-knowing, certain, and heartfelt like Superman.

The fact is that we all have superpowers! The only difference between us mere mortals and the people we consider to be superheroes is that they own their light and their greatness and we do not. But the light we see in them is within us. It is our birthright!

In her book The Best Year of Your Life, Debbie Ford talks about how we all have the power to be anything we want to be in the chapter entitled, "Stepping Into Greatness." She says, "Each of us has the ability to find and nurture new parts of ourselves and become the people we aspire to be….Each of us has a choice to stay stuck in the persona we have created or to let it go and allow a new expression of ourselves to emerge. Human beings (just like superheroes) are capable of this type of metamorphosis. We don't have to stay stuck displaying the same personality traits over the course of our lifetime but are free to transform into the higher expressions of ourselves."

So if you are ready to unleash your inner genie in a bottle, embrace your bionic abilities, and "run faster than a speeding bullet" straight into owning the superhero that you are, then I suggest you call forth your x-ray vision and see past your outdated, limited definition of yourself. You must adopt your chest-out hands-on-hips Wonder Woman-Superman pose and bask in the glory of your light. There is no one in any galaxy quite like you -- no one else who can deliver your gifts to the world. So this Halloween remember the costume is just a façade. Everything you need and have been yearning for is already inside of you! It is your time to fly!

Transformational Action Steps

(1) Identify a superhero or super person that you admire. Ask yourself, "What are the qualities that that person has that you most admire or truly wished you possessed?" Make a list of those qualities.

(2) From that list, pick out the two qualities that you most feel drawn to cultivate. Look to see what actions or practice will nurture the two qualities you identified. What can you do on a monthly, weekly, daily basis to let these qualities shine in full force in your life?

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