Certified Integrative Coach
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There are times in our lives when we want to make change or address something from our past so we can develop a new direction. Wandzia did so after more than twenty successful years as a public sector executive during which time she held division manager, department head, assistant city manager, and city manager positions in medium and large local government agencies. In these capacities, Wandzia lead, managed, and transformed complex organizations and implemented programs resulting in widespread organizational and community benefit. Wandzia has always been able to see the “bigger picture” and the interrelationship of all components. Her leadership abilities and love of teaching led her to inspire and mentor many others. She served as an “organizational translator” between policy makers and operations; government, citizens, businesses and educators; people and systems, technologists and business partners. For most of this time, Wandzia juggled the demands of her career with those of being a single parent and caregiver for her aging mother.

Wandzia’s life change came after she lost the connection between her passion and her work. An unexpected career disappointment was the wake-up call to not just do the “expected” next career move. She resigned from her position and embarked on a healing process through the Ford Institute. Through this work, Wandzia uncovered her self-sabotaging beliefs and habits. She re-discovered her vocation to guide, teach, and support others in finding the purpose of their own life experiences. Wandzia now owns a successful management consulting business and coaching practice. She co-created the Performance Leadership program, a comprehensive approach to assist leaders at all levels to understand the complex dynamics that impact organizational performance. Wandzia is also a tenured trainer at the Continuing Education for Public Officials (CEPO), a leadership development program; a certified trainer of Sentient Systems’ Beyond Bravery: The Courage to Lead, an organization development program, and Success Signals, a communication skills training program. Wandzia serves as President and Board Member for the Władysław Poniecki Charitable Foundation, has a loving and flourishing marriage and a beautiful, growing family.

Wandzia truly understands and appreciates the challenges life can present – challenges that sometimes knock us off-balance or remove our daily joy. As a coach, she specializes in working with (1) public sector and non-profit executives and managers who are in transition and (2) working parents seeking greater balance in their lives. Wandzia treats all her clients with compassion, dignity, and respect. She honors their courageous work and effectively supports them in their self-discovery of their own inner truth. Her clients experience a new found freedom and joy in working with Wandzia and being able to recognize a new or renewed path. They are able to rediscover a true sense of self and eagerness in changing their lives and enhancing their personal and professional performance.

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