sonia hankin

Master Integrative Coach
United States

Sonia Hankin, LMHC, was privileged to participate in the first group ever trained by Debbie Ford to become an Integrative Coach. As a therapist, she provides counseling and support for individuals who suffer from trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and ADD/ADHD. Currently, Sonia has a private coaching practice, Your Confidence Coach, via phone and Skype. She also has a private practice in Davie, FL for in person sessions. Furthermore, she hosts a weekly radio show, True Inner Confidence, on BBM Global Network and TuneIn Radio. She is passionate about supporting individuals who struggle with unworthiness, fear of being real and tired of living a life filled with should’s, regrets, or unfulfilled desires. Her experience of the many traumas of her past, living with multiple sclerosis and the wisdom she has gained from her marriage and parenting her two children allows her to assist her clients in gaining empowerment over their own past and gives them tools to be their authentic self and love who they are no matter what their situation is.

Debbie Ford's work was life changing for Sonia. She went from having a food addiction to no longer using food to avoid feelings, from being in many co-dependent relationships to being in a loving marriage for the past 13 years, and from having a meaningless job of ten years to becoming a Licensed Mental Health Therapist. She created the life of her dreams, feeling confident and loving all of who she is, the dark and the light.

Sonia is compassionately committed to helping others being true to themselves. Through her coaching, she inspires and guides others to see that they are in charge of their dreams. She provides the safety and compassion that allows her clients to gain inner wisdom. She is deeply moved and inspired from her client's transformation and is committed to shifting consciousness on this planet so that we can all make a difference together.

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