Certified Integrative Coach
United States

Sandy Kirk first began her own personal transformational work with Debbie Ford in 2005. Transitioning from a management position in corporate America to a public school teacher led her to discover how to make transitions a phenomenal growth experience. Being a child of divorced parents, married for many years and divorced as well, Sandy is well equipped to support and understand these experiences. Sandy has made each experience a catalyst for moving forward in her life.

Sandy was at one time very shy and afraid to even say her own name. Now with the integration of the long lost quality of confidence and self-assurance she is very proud to say her name and now uses her quiet nature appropriately in a beneficial way. In regards to the loss of both parents within a few months, Sandy learned through the coaching programs that it is not what has happened to you but how you continue to experience what happened to you that propels you forward or keeps you in the pain of past.

Forward movement is a big part of what Sandy’s clients’ experience. This movement comes as a loving release from a dissolved marriage, partnership or job, movement toward writing that book or going back to school. Sandy’s clients have discovered what is at the core of stubborn excess weight and have found what they need to do to create the good health and weight that they desire. Sandy’s patient and supportive style of coaching leaves clients with the tools and skills they need to change and create a life they’ve only imagined.

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