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Congratulations! You’ve demonstrated a level of confidence, self-awareness, and collective consciousness that serves you as well as those around you. 

You generally don’t let internal negative beliefs and wounds turn into self-sabotaging behaviors. You own who you are and are conscious about who you want to be in the world – as well as at this moment in your life. 

Your healthy sense of self-esteem and integrity aid you in making choices thoughtfully, yet you know that there are areas in your life that you can improve to truly reach you life’s goals. 

You’re at a point in your life where you know challenges happen and you’re ready to ask for the support and guidance you need. Confidence, accountability and structure are the cornerstones of creating possibility and magic in your life.

Conscious Creator, you’re poised to take your next leap – keep loving and listening to yourself!


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You may have guessed it! As The Illusionist, you’re a bit of a magician – juggling all of life’s complexities just to keep up the appearance that everything is “fine,” or “okay.” 

And what’s the illusion that you keep from yourself? 

That there’s a “little self-sabotage,” thing or you only “sabotage one area of your life,” or maybe just engage in self-sabotage “sometimes.” 

The truth is, it only takes one area of your life to bring down your life. 

You might be keeping self-sabotage at bay for the moment, but you’re also spending a lot of energy to hide the parts of yourself and your life that you don’t like. And it’s exhausting!

Your pattern of two steps forward, one step back, probably feels draining. As will your need to consistently “clean up” after you create some mess in your life.

The good news? Despite feeling like you’re just managing, you have the power to create everything you want in life. 

Maybe even despite yourself, you’ve been able to make things happen. But imagine what might be possible if you stopped working against yourself and started working with all that you do have and are! 

That’s why it’s crucial to make the commitment today to living and doing life differently. You can get out of your way, find your way, and have your way!

Sound good?



As you keep getting in your own way by avoiding what’s really going on in your life, that ticking is going to get louder and louder! 10, 9, 8, 7….

Well, Ticking Timebomb, time is up. 

It’s time to your stop self-sabotage and build a life you’ve been waiting for. Up until this point you’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to manage other people’s opinions of you and are deeply resigned about the conditions of your life. 

You’ve likely been carrying a lot shame – which erodes your self-esteem and paralyzes you from taking positive action. If left unchecked, the internal chaos you’re experiencing will continue to implode your life in little ways, or worse yet, lead to a grand explosion. 

But, we promise there’s good – no, great, news!

Even if you’ve felt like life has beat you at every turn, every act of self-sabotage is actually an opportunity to awaken you to what is truly important. Like a red-flag waving to get your attention, self-sabotage is a chance for you to get the support you need…now!

When you start to look inside, uncover your wounds, fears and limiting beliefs, I promise you’ll find the gold in the dark that will set you free. 

If you are reading this, there still is time! Just like ticking timebombs can be diffused, your deepest pain, when digested and understood, can lead you to your greatest freedom.