nancy pickard

Master Integrative Coach
United States

After a long and successful career as owner of a personal training gym, Nancy closed her doors and moved to Aspen, Colorado. She raised two amazing sons who are now on their own, living successful and joyful lives.

For 25 years she had a wonderful thriving marriage. She then watched her life seemingly turn on a dime, her marriage crumble. Earlier in her marriage, she survived the death of one baby in the ninth month of her pregnancy and two others, also late in her pregnancy. After she and her husband survived those tragedies together, she never imagined her marriage would fall apart. It took many years, to heal from the betrayal and pain.

She is a survivor. In 2011, she was diagnosed with melanoma. It was at this point that she recognized that the Universe was again testing her. Her strong-will, strength and determination led her to action. After reading Debbie Ford’s book Spiritual Divorce, she realized two things: She wanted to find a Debbie Ford Integrative Coach and she wanted to become one.

It was the perfect evolution for her. She had a BS in Psychology and an MS in Education. She held multiple personal training certifications, including two for breast cancer survivors.

Debbie Ford’s work was transformational. She learned to live a life of integrity by moving in alignment with her goals and vision. She will help clients learn unconditional self-love by uncovering the obstacles in their subconscious that get in the way of living in integrity. She is an advocate for women, one of her many interests is empowering them through physical challenges she applied in her training practice. Her clients move from the discrepancy of where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow. She will support their journey as they learn to listen and trust their internal wisdom, and uncover all their own answers.

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