MOoniek seebregts

Master Integrative Coach
United States & Netherlands

Clients who have worked with Mooniek have said that this coach really helps them see and feel how special they really are. At the end of the coaching process, these clients have felt proud of what they were able to accomplish with Mooniek’s strong and sensitive guidance. Mr. M.D. says, "I have endured years of therapy, but I have never left with relevant tools. I never knew how to practically move forward. When I worked with Mooniek, even in the intro session, I received what I was missing. She gave me insight to what I needed to move some situations forward, and the techniques she provided still work!"

Mrs. M.M. says, "She really is a great coach. I know her personally and professionally; consequently, it is obvious to me how much coaching is part of who she is. I love her integrity, her passion, her listening, and her compassion. She truly walks the talk!”

Since 2002, Mooniek has had a successful master coaching practice in the USA and in The Netherlands (Europe). She speaks English and Dutch fluently. She is a master coach in the Blueprint Shadow coaching and a professional coach in the Spiritual Divorce, which she likes to refer to as “Take back your spirit after divorce!”. Added to that, she is professional in Future Focused coaching and Client Driven Coaching.

About Spiritual Divorce Coaching: Mooniek has helped many people truly and deeply recover after a separation or a divorce, no matter how long ago. She believes that if people get the learning and the wisdom out of any painful situation, they are even better equipped to live their desired lives. In the Spiritual Divorce coaching, which comes with a beautiful emotional education, she will take you on your own individual safe internal journey. After 16 master coaching sessions with Mooniek, you'll feel prepared for life and love! Are you ready to try a free sample coaching session?

About Blueprint Shadow Coaching: Mooniek says, "This coaching process helps people expand themselves! My clients and I experience it every day! My clients grow to realize they are much more significant than they used to think they were. In this Blueprint Shadow coaching, they find many unused treasures and traits inside themselves. After 16 completely safe coaching sessions, my clients will have easy access to their own wisdom, plus a bag filled with practical tools to last a lifetime! Are you ready to try a free sample coaching session and receive the benefits so many already have?

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