martyn jones

Master Integrative Coach

A few years ago, Martyn ran away with Cirque du Soleil, where he spent seven years travelling the world, fulfilling two lifelong dreams, of travel and being an integral member of such an amazingly creative and innovative group. This journey led him to the work of Debbie Ford, where his own personal transformation began. He now runs a successful coaching practice from Melbourne, Australia.

Martyn’s life transformed from one of self doubt and feeling rejected to one of power, confidence, courage and self love. Through doing this work, he also healed family and close relationships, took control of his finances and gave up being responsible for other people’s happiness.

Martyn is so grateful to have found his passion and purpose; that of supporting others in their own transformation and healing process. He loves nothing more than taking clients on their special and magical ‘circus’ journey, to wholeness. His client’s often say that through his deeply compassionate approach, they have healed many years of addictive and self destructive behaviors to see themselves in a completely new light.

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