Linda perry

Master Integrative Coach
United States

Whether it was her career as a lawyer, her broken first marriage, single parenting or the latest crisis that may have hit her life, Linda Perry always found a reason to be unhappy. She kept searching for that “right” thing to do that would be the “magic pill”. From having the right relationship, enough money in the bank, looking a certain way or weighing a certain weight – she was always looking for things outside of herself to source her happiness. And while she would experience moments of happiness, true happiness always eluded her.

Turns out, there is no magic pill. Happiness, as it turns out, is not something you find. Not the kind that has you looking at your husband, job or kids to make you happy, but the kind that requires that youtake the steps to ensure, guard and build your daily happiness. It is the countless little choices and actions you take each and every day that ultimately build our deep sense of personal happiness.

For Linda, it began several years ago with a simple choice to take an eight week recorded class given by author and teacher, Debbie Ford. What started with that simple choice, then led to bigger choices and the courage to change her life in tremendous ways: she stopped making others’ opinions matter more than her own and learned how to uncover limiting beliefs that held her back from being really happy. From there, she learned to set boundaries and explore the things that truly made her happy.

And as a result, her relationship with her children and now-husband grew stronger and she even gained the ability to leave her career of sixteen years as a litigation attorney to follow her passion: coaching people to find their joy and confidence whether they are recovering from divorce, feeling stuck in a career, or simply trying to find more peace in their life.


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