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Shadow Talk
The Shadow of Choice

It's exciting to recognize that our lives are a reflection of the choices that we have made. Our lives today reflect the choices we made last week or last month. And our future will be determined by the choices we are making in the present moment. It is essential to illuminate the drivers of our choices so we can get to the destination of our dreams.

Allow Kelley Kosow to guide you to uncover the Shadow of Choice. Illuminate the beliefs, habits, and programming stored in your shadow that dictate your choices.

This one-hour group coaching session recording includes:

  • Interactive and insightful discussion

  • Internal Process that assists you in connecting with your inner brilliance, unconcealing your shadows, and identifying insight and actions that will get you moving powerfully forward on the road to a new future

  • Downloadable worksheet as well as a "Shadow Challenge" that will help ground you in the principles of shadow work
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