leona christensen

Certified Integrative Coach
United States

Leona Christensen is a Certified Integrative Coach and founder of Wild Horse Spirit LLC., providing coaching to women and men in transition, those looking for a business or career change and/or seeking a self nurturing and more balanced lifestyle. Leona’s background as a coach, a mother and a businesswoman, with more than 15 years in the Human Resource management field, has provided a well-rounded focus as a coach.

After reaching a plateau in mid-life and wondering how to find her own life’s passion, Leona became engaged in this emotional education work through Debbie Ford and the Ford Institute. This resulted in a dramatic shift in her self-esteem, recognition of self-sabotaging behaviors and created a new sense of empowerment and purpose. And now, her desire is to partner and guide others to find their own new vision.

As an Integrative Coach, Leona gently guides clients through self-discovery processes that expose and unlock the self-imposed blocks and limitations which keep them from seeing their own potential. Through this process Leona supports the client in becoming accountable and self-generating. Leona is positioned to partner with clients who are ready to reach new levels of responsibility, discover their own unique gifts and create an inspiring vision for the future.

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