katie carlone

Master Integrative Coach
United States

With successful careers in publishing, training, and web-based learning, Katie Carlone has devoted over thirty years to transforming concepts and information into creative programs that change people's lives. Complex projects, diverse clients around the globe, tight deadlines and challenging conditions have all conspired to help Katie find calm in the center of chaos, and to help others find their highest joy in a sometimes overwhelming and uncertain life.

Katie began her career full of hopes and dreams, but handcuffed by fear. Too worried about pleasing others and trying to be perfect, success came at a high price. Feelings of unworthiness and of being "found out" as a phony robbed her of joy and inner peace. All of that changed as a result of enrolling in Debbie Ford's work, when she began to embrace the gifts of her shadow. The joy and inner peace Katie now experiences reach beyond business success into all areas of her life, and have inspired her to coach others to transform their own fears into joy. She lives in Boston and has a vital, loving relationship with her husband of over thirty years, and two grown sons now experiencing their own life adventures.

Katie particularly embraces clients who have a sense that their own fears are holding them back, yet feel a deep longing and commitment to stop playing small and start living life "full out." This is often experienced in the area of their career or how they express their creativity, or in other places where they feel stuck. Clients count on her to be a safe, caring yet firm accountability partner as they move toward a specific goal and step into the highest expression of themselves. Regardless of the goal, Katie has learned that the most profound results come from learning how to embrace the perfection of who we uniquely are - because that changes everything.

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