joe profetto

Master Integrative Coach
United States

As a Coach, Joe Profetto guides each client with 66 years of personal life experience, spiritual wisdom and worldly knowledge. This includes, growing up with dyslexia, operating a successful printing company for 35 years, walking “The Camino” a 500 mile Spiritual Pilgrimage across Spain and while Joe was recovering from a divorce after 20 years, he was comforting his Mother through her last 3 months with terminal cancer. That’s just a little insight into what Joe personally offers you as a coach!

In 2003, Joe found himself open to finding new ways of looking at old wounds. Especially as they related to his childhood, family, finding his life’s work and recreating a loving space inside himself where he felt he belonged and could make a difference in the world. He found what he was looking for at the “Shadow Process “workshop. That weekend Joe found his calling and has been coaching for over 10 years, successfully guiding clients through their personal life transition all across the country and loving it.

So what about you? What if there was a system that could not only show you your core issues, but point out effective ways of dealing with them that enabled you to have more insight into yourself and intimate relationships with others? This system would also guide you toward the depth of your soul and in the direction of “Self Mastery.” Where you’ll come to the realization that your limitations are gifts instead of restraints! Interested? Call for a free one hour consultation to learn more!

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