heike berens

Certified Integrative Coach

Heike Berens is an Integrative Coach and a qualified therapist specialising in Relationship, Stepfamily and Sexuality Counselling. After experiencing and overcoming her own relationship struggles and discovering Integrative Coaching and the work of Debbie Ford, she was able to see her divorce in a different light, and used the experience as a catalyst for creating a career change. Leaving behind a very successful business, which gave her the strength and insight to shift through blocks and challenges, she soon stepped into her exciting new role as a coach.

When it comes to living our best lives, Heike’s basic premise stems from her belief that you must start by being precisely what you want to see in your life and your relationships. True to her philosophies, Heike has been instrumental in helping her clients gain deeper healing as well as reaching new levels of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

What’s behind Heike’s success is her unrelenting desire to help people become their best selves as they connect to their own inner wisdom. Applying her expertise, education and personal experience, Heike cultivates and encourages ways to gain far more joy and satisfaction from life, and from intimate relationships. Heike firmly believes that any crisis in life can be used as the catalyst towards a more meaningful and fulfilling experience. She also believes that in order to achieve a different outcome, one must be willing to change.

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