Do you want your child to thrive? Do you want to be a great parent?

Do you feel that you are not always the parent you would like to be?

Great Parents Empower will help you transform your relationship with your children right now -- whatever that is -- to one that is nothing short of great!

Your private coach will guide you to focusdeveloping an extraordinary relationship with yourself first in order to have an extraordinary relationship with your children. Once you've set that foundation, you can clarify realistic hopes and desires for your relationship with your children..  During this very rare and potent coaching model, you will be supported to:

  • Let go of disappointment and resentment from the past and create a clean slate between yourself and your children.
  • Interact in loving and supportive ways even when the situation gets tough.
  • Feel proud of your choices and your behavior even in the most difficult situations.
  • Be inspired by the level of communication and connection that you have with your child.
  • Have the freedom to love, develop and nurture yourself and pursue your dreams and desires -- without feeling guilty.
  • Establish habits, make choices, and take actions that are aligned with your highest values and vision.
  • Receive the knowledge, awareness and tools that help you access your own answers so you can make high-level parenting decisions.
  • Develop and trust your own parenting style: be at peace with your decisions and stop second guessing yourself.

It’s time to become the kind of parent you have always wanted to be, that you have always believed you can be.


6 weekly coaching sessions done over the phone from anywhere in the world


Based on Debbie Ford’s product Essentials for Extra-Ordinary Parenting

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