donna lipman

Specialized Integrative Coach
United States

After having spent several years as a program leader with a well-known, international educational corporation, Donna was introduced to the work of Debbie Ford and immediately knew she had "come home." Through Debbie's books and "The Shadow Process Workshop," Donna learned the fundamentals and instinctively knew that what she was learning and was inspired by would not only impact her own personal growth, but would also enable her to positively impact the lives of others.

Inside of a year of intensive and personal training as an integrative coach, Donna was hired as a staff coach at the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching. Donna embraced the philosophy, witnessed first-hand the benefits to be reaped by others and ultimately became an executive staff member of the organization.

Through hard work, a deep commitment to making a difference and expert hands-on training with Debbie, Donna is one of only 2 people, (other than Debbie Ford herself!), to present the unique and powerful "Shadow Process Workshop". She has also skillfully led the Institute's Masters Training Program and other advanced training programs.

Donna comes to life coaching/seminar leading after 15 years in business management, so she knows not only how to formulate a plan, but how to create results. Her own business background, coupled with the personal training she received from Debbie Ford, makes her extremely adept at assisting her clients in designing a uniquely personal blueprint for their lives. Donna challenges her clients to take the key actions that she knows will lead to lasting changes in their inner and outer worlds. Donna's clients have often reported that they've achieved goals well beyond what they'd dreamed.

After having found her voice, one that is clear, concise and compelling, Donna is now passionately committed to helping others find their own true voice. Moreover, Donna has been able to help them find the confidence and drive to eloquently express that voice and make affirmative changes, both in their personal lives and work environments.

Express your voice in the world. Be heard!

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