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Certified Integrative Coach

Britta Theren was raised on a family farm in Sweden with five siblings very close in age. All of the children worked very hard to keep the farm and household running. They also earned money for the family by performing together in a musical band. As a young adult, Britta became a senior high school music teacher as well as a singer in a professional choir. She married, raised two sets of twins, and taught school for 24 years. Her deep wish to please everyone eventually led to a devastating breakdown.

Britta was on medical leave due to burn-out when she first saw Debbie Ford on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Debbie spoke of self love, taking 100 % responsibility for one's life, and having a choice in every moment. Britta felt as though Debbie were speaking directly to her. Through reading Debbie's books and completing transformational coursework, Britta learned to listen to her heart and to trust her own wisdom. She learned to be gentle and loving with herself. Britta says she has created a whole new life!

After completing several years of training at The Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching, Britta established her own coaching practice and translated many of the Ford Institute materials into Swedish. Having worked through her pain and resigning her victim role, Britta now offers clients a tremendously personal and powerful coaching experience. She is committed to 1) Guiding young adults to find their purpose in life; 2) Coaching women who lost themselves while taking care of family, home and career, to regain their power; 3) Supporting victims of burnout to re-discover their true selves and create successful lives; and 4) Working with clients with broken relationships to use the pain of the past to create futures filled with love for themselves and others.

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