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50% Off Love Beyond Belief

In this digital online product presenting life-changing concepts and powerful inner processes, explore the human shadow and how it affects your relationships. Uncover and make peace with the feelings, beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you from receiving the love you deeply desire.


$200 Off The Shadow Process

The Shadow Process is a life-changing three-day in-person journey that leaves you basking in the light of your magnificence and dancing in the delight of liberation and possibilities! Described as "the last workshop you'll ever need," The Shadow Process will be held Los Angeles and Miami in 2017.


50% Off The Gold Is In The Dark

In this rare audio package, listen to Debbie Ford as she started her groundbreaking career as a pioneer and expert on the human shadow and discover the profound and life-changing gifts available to you if you are willing to understand and illuminate your dark side.


50% Off Loving Your Life

This multi-faceted, unique collection of Ford Institute teachings and tools are available immediately for you to use from the moment you awake to the time you go to sleep. Learn how to feel good about yourself and bring more joy, success, self-confidence and fulfillment into your life right now.


$250 Off Radical Reinvention

If you want a proven structure that guarantees success, ensures deep and lasting change, and will move you in the direction of your dreams in just 12 weeks, Radical Reinvention is a goal-oriented program that will free you from the limitations that impact and sabotage every aspect of your life.


50% Off Shadow Talk

Discover the power that the shadow wields over your life. It affects everything from “A,” your feelings about aging and abundance to “Z” the zest you have for life. Build your own customized bundle of group coaching sessions, worksheets, and challenges from a library of 50 sessions.

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