Andrée Benson

Master Integrative Coach

Andrée is the proud mom of a confident 27 year man.  She believes that her coaching training helped her as a single mom raise her son with strong values and good grounding.

A fluently bilingual professional with over 25 years of progressive experience Andrée has extensive experience in leadership, mentoring, coaching and developing people.  As a Certified Integrative Coach, Andrée has helped people in their career development and personal relationships to achieve their professional and personal best by developing self-awareness and self-confidence.

Andrée became a coach after losing her job as the VP of Sales for an international company and going through a painful divorce.  Without really knowing what she was getting into she attended a Shadow Process in San Diego led by Debbie Ford in 2003.  “I was at such a low point in my life; I really didn’t know which way to turn.  I attended a conference in Ottawa, Canada, my home town, where Debbie was a speaker and the message she delivered gave me such hope that I signed up for the Shadow Process on the spot not knowing at the time how it would change my life and the life of all those I would coach.”

Andrée is a Master Certified Integrative Coach and has coached hundreds in career and life transitions.  Her success and the success of her clients she attributes to the sound teaching of the Ford Institute and her own life experience.  Clients such as Linda who made significant changes in her personal relationships; Nancy who quit her job and now has her own coaching/training company; Taylor who enjoyed a promotion at his current place of work.

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