alisha schwartz

Master Integrative Coach
United States

Alisha Schwartz has been a Certified Master Integrative Coach for over 8 years. She is certified in all of the Integrative Coaching models. She is actively creating a teen program to empower teens to live there fullest and greatest potential. One of Alisha’s many gifts is to bring her light heart and support to people experiencing life challenging issues.

Before entering The Ford Institute, Alisha was challenged as a child with learning disabilities and the emotional trauma of her parents divorce. As a result of The Ford Institute coaching programs she has been able to create an extraordinary relationship with both her parents, which has allowed her to develop a deeper connection with herself, continue her education and have the confidence to create and develop a powerful program for teens. She loves supporting people through family challenges.

Alisha has inspired and supported many individuals in their relationships which has allowed them to experience a greater connection with themselves and the people they love.

Alisha provides a safe loving space for people to fully express all of who they are.

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